Zoom STILL: The Art of Noticing
Zoom STILL: The Art of Noticing
Zoom STILL: The Art of Noticing

STILL: The Art of Noticing

The artist-author's remarkable culmination of a project spanning over a decade, capturing the essence of beauty, commemorating places, and enriching her perception of the world.

Every single day, for more than ten years, Mary Jo Hoffman has diligently captured the beauty of natural finds through her lens, regardless of size or perceived ordinariness. Formerly an aeronautical engineer, this daily ritual has gifted Hoffman with profound realizations about interconnectedness, the significance of location, and personal growth.

This book unveils a curated collection of Hoffman's awe-inspiring photographs from her vast archive, complemented by insightful, heartfelt, and often amusing essays reflecting on the insights garnered from her daily creative endeavor. STILL showcases 275 of the most captivating images accumulated over thousands of consecutive days, offering a sensory feast for readers.

Size: 273 × 216 mm (10 3/4 × 8 1/2 in)
Pages: 318 pp
Illustrations: 275 illustrations