Sabrina Bruhwiler

Artist Biography

Sabrina Bruhwiler is inspired by moments - by the colors, textures and light in nature and it's many transformations. Her work studies human being's connection to spaciousness within the macro-field of potential. Lately, her forms are simpler, heading more into a minimalist direction as she explores what it means to express an abstraction. So rather than portraying visible moments received by the human eye, she aims to translate incorporeal sensations, such as feel or touch, into concrete images. 

Sabrina was born in Paris, France. Growing up she lived between Paris and Los Angeles. She attended the Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich where she studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Photography. Upon her arrival in New York City, she worked in a variety of artistic fields from hand painting wallpaper to designing textile print for interior spaces and apparel.