Wood and Materials

Natural and organic, the beauty of wood is revealed in the hands of an expert craftsperson. Never duplicated, the qualities of our selected hardwoods are unique. Samples and finished product may differ somewhat while still maintaining the beautiful grain and color of the originating species.

Wood Samples | Comerford Collection

*this board does not represent all the wood species available. 

STAINING, BLEACHING, WIRE BRUSHING, CERUSING, and LACQUERING are among the finishing techniques that we use to create color and texture. A final coat of catalyzed clear lacquer is a cured coating that resists water, alcohol, most stains and moderate heat. We recommend a damp sponge to clean any dirt and frequent dusting but no direct application of furniture polish. Our finish has a bit of wax in it and will polish beautifully. Most importantly, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heat and dampness.  It is always a good idea to use coasters and to keep the surface dry. 

Steel and brass are our available metal materials.
We can create custom finishes for your project, but most commonly we use blackened steel, silver patina steel and brass patina.

Our bespoke construction, ensures a high level of care and craftsmanship. Your furniture is built with utmost attention to detail, ensuring an investment in a custom made piece that will provide you many years of utility, enjoyment and admiration.

metal blackened steel patina    metal patina brass    
wood bleached oak  bleached walnut stained grey  cerused dark grey white oak  cerused white quarter-sawn oak 
dark stained walnut  natural oak