Susan Kaufmann

Susan Kaufmann

Artist Biography

Taking into account that everything ultimately changes I have focused my work on natural, biological and ecological metamorphoses brought on by the passage of time. Altering the dimensions of organic masses and inanimate objects- by taking them out of context and forcing them to exist out of character- I have attempted to re-create them.

My work relies on traditional Intaglio printing as well as mono print techniques to create textures and images distorted from what our eye and brain perceive. It was while maintaining the intrinsic qualities of permanence and stability that are inherent to geological formations that I started to incorporate movement in my prints. My goal was to empower the images with an ethereal feeling in what are traditionally staid objects.

It is my intention to portray the contradiction of a solid mass that is about to spin off the page and by sheer force, transform itself into something else; to portray a botanical that is slowly fading away into the atmosphere.

I hope that my work communicates a sense of energy and celebration...a sense of timelessness.