Artist Spotlight: Bari Ziperstein

Bari Ziperstein, a native of Chicago, IL and a beloved artisan and resident of Los Angeles, CA, has made her mark in the art word as both a skilled ceramicist and a sculpture. Her work has been featured both galleries and university museums across the country, and has been widely acclaimed for its distinctive style and craftsmanship. Her ceramics serve as both functional and aesthetic pieces, their influence deeply rooted in architecture (specifically Soviet and brutalist). As both a second and third generation Russian, the Soviet political culture always fascinated her, and became something she imprinted her emotions and personal interpretations of in her work.
In her curated 9,000 square foot studio, office and showroom, Bari has built a thriving brand that’s only bound to grow in its popularity.  Her studio embraces a sense of community, creating a positive and functional environment for her 16 employees who help her make her vision a reality everyday. In her interview with Wallpaper Magazine, she’s quoted as saying “It has been a lifelong dream to grow the studio space in a way that sustainably nurtures all three aspects of my practice. Because the studio is a hybrid space and was to contain both our offices and production floor, we wanted to treat each with the utmost consideration.” 

BZIPPY serves as the home ceramics branch of Bari’s business. with pieces that range widely in both color, size and shape. Her work tests the boundaries of what people have come to expect in the ceramics world, and her dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every piece her creates.Her process has become a well-oiled machine with the help of her dedicated team. Everyday they take Laguna clay material and push it into slab rollers and extruders. Each part is then taken and joined together to form the piece. Each piece is then trimmed and finished, then set to dry before being fired and glazing in one of the 50 colors used by the studio.
 You can see Bari Ziperstein’s work at both Comerford Collection Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor. Available for purchase in-person or on our website.