Our Summer Reading List

We love our books here at Comerford Collection. From artist profiles to architecture, these picks represent what we consider to be the best of culture and design. 

1. Nothing But Flowers 

By Hilton Als, Helen Molesworth & David Rimanelli: $60

“(This book) is actually quite profound, inspiring in its inclusiveness and liberating in its pleasures. Its message is simple but deep: Artists must do what they must do -- which means anything and nothing else."- Roberta Smith, New York Times

This collection of paintings illustrates a larger picture of what flowers can (and have) represented in the painting medium. Featuring the work of 50 renowned artists, the book explores themes such as joy, sadness, mourning and rehabilitation through depictions of the humble flower.

2. Ruth Asawa: All is Possible

By Ruth Asawa, Makeda Best, Taylor Davis, Ruth Erickson, Briony Fer, Helen Molesworth, Jennifer L. Roberts and John Yau: $75

“[The book] gives the reader an all-encompassing view of the artist.” ― The Strategist, New York Magazine

Ruth Asawa, known for her famed loop-wire sculptures and drawings, had a career that spanned half a century, and reached across multiple mediums of the art world. This book is an homage to the artists life and work, featuring sixty-four work of art as well as insights into the artist from a variety of writers and curators. This is the perfect encapsulation of Asawa’s life, and a perfect introduction to her world.

3. Stelle Lomont Rouhani: Architecture and Interiors

 Published by Rizzoli: $70

“Modern houses that are timeless, thoughtfully detailed, marked by innovative and environmentally friendly design, and inevitably situated close to nature—by the sea, on the bluff, upon the dunes—are the hallmark of Stelle Lomont Rouhani.”

Bridgehampton based architecture/interior design firm Stelle Lomont Rouhani has made a name for themselves on a global scale. From Manhattan-based interiors to modern beach homes in the Hamptons, their environmentally conscious designs have set them apart from other firms.

From Casa Loma to Lazy Point, Stelle Lomont Rouhani: Architecture and Interiors is a beautiful account of their work over the years. Featuring 320 pages of images and descriptions, this book will transport you to some of the most breathtaking residences in the country. 

4. Surf Shacks Vol. 2

 By Stephen Vanfleteren and Matt Titone: $75

“Surf Shacks teaches you how to put your passion at the center of everything" ― Architectural Digest

In this book, photographer Stephan Vanfleteren explores surf culture beyond just the sport and competition. Surfing is also about a deep admiration and respect for the ocean, as well as the feeling of insignificance when confronted with the forces of nature. Surfers use the waves for fun, but also to forget and to battle, both with others and with themselves. This book features images the dwellings of surfers from around the world. Every section is accompanied by interviews with the surfers discussing their homes and their lives, with advice about how you can create your own perfect surf shack. 

5. Joan Didion: What She Means

 By Hilton Als: $39.95

Part of what made Didion extraordinary is how she appealed to so many different audiences, and that extended beyond geography.” Adam Nagourney, New York Times: Arts

This book carefully put together retrospective of the life and work of feminist author and political activist Joan Didion. It serves as an introspective look into every aspect of her life - including her literary and cultural accomplishments, as well as the relationships she formed with some of the most influential figures of the 20th century. She has left a profound mark on our society that will be acknowledged for generations to come. 

Featuring the work of over 50 artists ranging from Brice Marden and Ed Ruscha to Betye Saar, Vija Clemins and many others, all influenced by the icon that is Joan Didion. This comprehensive homage to Didion is a must for your Summer reading.

6. Houseplants

Photographs by Daniel Gordon, Illustrations by Simon Arizpe: $150

“For loved ones who lack a green thumb, but are still eager to jump on the houseplant bandwagon, this new pop-up volume makes for the perfect gift...The results are joyful, spectacular and sturdier than the hardiest perennial.” - TF Chan, Commissioning Editor, Wallpaper Magazine

This highly collectible, limited-edition pop-up book is a work of art in itself, rendering Daniel Gordon’s sculptural forms into a new layer of materiality and animating them in a pop-up performance. The book consists of six works in pop-up form, some featuring simple plants, others unfolding more elaborate tableaux.