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OUR NEW SHOP: Sag Harbor, NY

How a cashmere scarf from Scotland inspired me to open a new shop in Sag Harbor, NY.

My travel companions would definitely agree that I love to visit boutique shops. About two years ago, I went on a tour of Scotland, visiting the wild countryside, and ending up in the cosmopolitan, old world city of Edinburgh. Given a list of happening shops and areas to explore, I ventured out only to meet up with a friend in a clothing boutique, who was madly trying on scarves. She insisted I buy one too and really, it was hard to resist. What was it about the absolutely charming shop, the quality of the cashmere, or the color palette reminding me of our recent garden tour that made me want to buy a scarf I clearly did not need? It was all of it. Any time I wear that scarf or even just admire the colors while it’s tossed on the bureau, it brings me back to the time, place and people I was with when I bought it. It makes me think of the small shops that sell artisanal, handcrafted products and the shopkeepers who keep that spirit vibrant.

Sag Harbor has that same entrepreneurial spirit, and while its Main Street has felt the transitional pull of a tourist economy, the essence of Sag Harbor is its quintessential small town vibe. When Comerford Collection was offered a chance to be part of that retail community, it sparked our wanderlust even though our new space is only three miles away! As designers it is always an adventure to transform interiors and even before we signed the lease, we were creating our inspiration boards.

Renovations and upgrades constrained our budget for remodeling the store, so it will be a work in progress. Since aspects like a tin ceiling and wainscotting felt difficult to modernize, we are taking inspiration from European interiors who merge modern simplicity with antique detailing. Color, as always will take center stage, and the palette has really been influenced by that Scottish scarf which has accompanied me on several trips to the paint store. The new shop is considerably smaller than our Bridgehampton location, but we are still going to be able to bring a few examples of our custom furniture and many of our favorite designers and artisans working in glass, textiles and ceramics.

Comerford Collection at 83 Main Street will remain aligned to our brand while we experiment with new merchandising ideas and introduce our custom furniture to a new audience. Having another brick-and-mortar store in the age of digital everything almost seems quaint, but it there is a real value for customers to be able to touch, feel and breathe a new experience. It validates our e-commerce business as a carefully managed entity with a commitment to customer service. We are also in the company of stellar home furnishings stores in Sag Harbor, who we very much admire.

Working through the pandemic has been challenging, but it has helped us focus on the core of what we enjoy doing, which is to be a marketplace of ideas and a source for beautifully crafted pieces for your home. We are stretching our wings, and there will be some growing pains, but we feel confident that the future is about finding calm and peace in our surroundings, and finally being able to share that with our friends and family.