Timothy Godbold x Comerford Collection

We know you are a lover of music. If this home were a soundtrack, what are some of the songs/artists that would capture the vibe?

Same Old Scene - Roxy Music
Looking for Love - Chromatics
Slow Down - Du Tonc
Stylo - Gorillaz
Rhye - Black Rain
Stardust - ZHU
Electrify Me - ZHU
Róisin Murphy Incapable Extended Mix
Blade Runner Blues - Blade Runner Soundtrack
Irena’s Theme Cat People - Giorgio Moroder

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You’re accessorizing in this home is just perfect. There is much for the eye to take in, but at the same time there’s a simplicity to how it integrates in the surroundings. Can you give us some tips on your thought process behind styling?

I am a control freak in the sense that I want to manage where I want your eye to focus. I don’t want accessories to take away from the impact of furniture or overpower a room. I tend to think you should spend more money on a few accessories than have more inexpensive ones. If I see something over styled such as the Tom Ford or Liagre book I stop using them, Aesop soap is coming in a close third.

I guess my advice would be original as best you can and stay away from traps like all white books in your library or making things look too tricked out.

We noticed the touches of colorful geometric pattern, nestled inside a cozy palette of textured neutrals. There is also a theme of stunning organic materials and sculptural forms. Can you let us know some of the inspirations behind this collection of elements?

The geometrics came directly from The Ennis house that was featured in Blade Runner. Also the Station to Station the cover for the David Bowie album mixed with prints by English designer Kit Miles.

Since we are all spending more time than ever at home, are there any shows or movies you’d recommend for the design lover?

Martin Margiela: In His Own Words documentary
Dries – Dries Van Noten documentary
Ghost Writer (for the interiors)
Blade Runner (same)
Aunt Mame (for the penthouse changes with the new decades and/or new husband )

If you please, we’d love to know some of the Instagram accounts you find inspiring?

80s _deco
The London list